Why Developers Need to Strategically Invest in an iOS 11 Course: Before Launch

Be the first to launch cutting edge apps into iOS 11 with Udemy

iOS 11 is coming.


And Udemy can help you get ready for launch. Develop the apps that people will want with 28 hot-off-the press courses designed by developers, for developers. Get a jumpstart on iOS 11 with courses that are as cutting-edge as the technology they teach.


Here are 5 reasons you need to take a course on Udemy before iOS 11 launches:


  1. Fresh and up to date

Udemy instructors make constant updates to their courses. That means you’ll have your hand on the pulse of the latest technology developments, and how they’ll impact your app. With lifetime access to any course you take, you can grow and adapt as the technology evolves.


  1. Relevant

Get the deets on exactly what you need to know to get your app polished and compliant for iOS 11. Decode what’s relevant from a developer’s perspective to the tune of 28 courses and boot camps in 13 different languages.

  • User Experience: Uncover helpful tools to ensure your user is getting the most seamless experience.
  • Design: Learn design like a pro, from a pro.
  • Coding: Brush up on your coding skills, and pick up some impressive new skills along the way.


  1. Expert instructors

Only the best instructors teach on Udemy. They know the backend and frontend, and can deliver knowledge in a way that’s retainable, with real-world applications to lock in learning.


  1. Affordable

Whether you’re post-college or no college, online learning is the best way to upskill. Superior to traditional college classes or new-age boot camps, an investment in Udemy courses doesn’t sentence you to a lifetime of debt. Enroll in just the courses you need, when you need them, at affordable prices.


  1. Learn at your own pace

Upskill on your lunch break. Learn your way to a whole new career on the weekends. Take your developer skills to the world by discovering how to launch your own business. The education is waiting for you whenever and wherever you’re ready. All it takes to transition to student mode is the touch of a button.


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